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Financial Forecasting Workshop

The Financial Forecasting Workshop was a two-day course covering topics related to financial modeling, regression analysis in SAS with outlier and multicollinearity techniques, SAS and SCA time series modeling, and Markowitz portfolio optimization.

Dr. John B. Guerard, Jr. is the Director of Quantitative Research at McKinley Capital Management, LLC. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Texas - Austin and taught an MBA course at Rutgers for over 15 years. He has published several books, including Quantitative Corporate Finance and Introduction to Financial Forecasting in Investment Analysis, both of which can be found on Amazon.

Dr. John B. Guerard, Jr.

Ph.D. Finance, University of Texas – Austin M.S.I.M. Finance, Georgia Institute of Technology M.A. Economics, University of Virginia A.B. Economics, Duke University, cum laude

Those interested in what was taught in the workshop can find the material here:


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