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FALL 2022 General Meetings

Introduction to Quantitative Finance Club

September 14, 2022

Swapnil Napuri (President) and Jon Rasnitsyn (Vice President) give an introduction to the club and upcoming events for this semester. 

Group of Asian waiting for an interview

Recruiting 101

September 20, 2022

Our president, Swapnil Napuri, and vice-president, Jon Rasnitsyn, presented tips and advice on how to prepare for the recruiting season to obtain a quant finance internship or job. 

Intro to Probability and Basic Math for Quant Interviews

October 4, 2022

Our CS chair, Francisco del Campo, and Math chair, William Wang, give a comprehensive presentation on basic probability and math seen most commonly in interviews for quant roles.

Math and Geometry Tools
Cards and Chips

Probability in Games: Blackjack

October 18, 2022

Our Finance chair, Nimai Sanikop; CS chair, Francisco del Campo; and Vice President, Jon Rasnitsyn, cover the probability behind the game of Blackjack. 

Probability in Games: Poker

October, 25 2022

Swapnil Napuri, our President, and William Wang, our Math Chair, go over the probability behind the game of poker. 

Poker Table

Introduction to Computer Science (in Quant Finance)

November 8, 2022

Our CS chair, Francisco del Campo, introduces computer science concepts used in quant finance. 

Introduction to Machine Learning

November 15, 2022

Our Vice President, Jon Rasnitsyn, gives an introduction on what machine learning is and how it is used in the real world.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Introduction to Finance

November 29, 2022

Our Finance Chair, Nimai Sanikop, goes over basic accounting and financial concepts that students should understand before entering the quant finance industry.

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